Vodka Drinks

Vodka drinks are more than just cocktails these days; vodka has become a status symbol thanks to makers of premium vodka and flavored vodka. It’s not unusual for a connoisseur to spend upwards of a hundred dollars on a single bottle. But are those pricey bottles really so different from a twenty dollar liter of common brand?

In taste tests done by the CBS program 20/20, participants tasted five different brands of vodka ranging in price from $13 to $60. No one knew what brand they were drinking but everyone agreed that one in particular was not something they would ever buy for themselves. Imagine their shock when they discovered that brand was the most expensive in the test and very popular! They were even more shocked to find that the least expensive brand was among the best tasting. When the taste testers were presented with vodka cocktails they could not discern any difference between high end vodka and the cheapest.

You can spend quite a bit of cash on vodka drinks. One manufacturer even claims they filter their vodka through diamond sand; the vodka is bottled with a wand of Swarovski crystals in the center. However, it tastes surprisingly similar to the vodka that your neighbor splurges $20 on every Christmas and feels the same the next morning if you drink too much of it!

Whether you like vodka with gold flakes in it, vodka filtered through diamond sand or just get the cheapest bottle you can find there is no question that vodka is one of the most versatile drinks in the world.