About Vodka

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Vodka is one of the most popular and versatile alcoholic beverages in the world today. Besides being a key ingredient in many cocktails, vodka has a myriad of other uses that most people don’t know about.

For instance, if you want a sparkling bathroom just fill a spray bottle with vodka, spray the surfaces and let it sit for a few minutes. The alcohol will kill mold and mildew and leave your surfaces sparkling clean. It will leave caulking looking like new! It is great for cleaning eyeglass lens, too. Do you dread the sting of removing a band-aid? Just saturate it with vodka and it will come off painlessly. You can prolong the life of razor blades by soaking them occasionally in vodka.

Vodka is a terrific astringent for your face. Adding a bit of vodka to your bottle of shampoo will encourage your hair to grow and leave your scalp clean. Mixing a cup of vodka with two teaspoons of rosemary and letting it sit for a day or two makes a great dandruff treatment. A spray of vodka is deadly to bees and wasps and applying it to a jellyfish sting will take away the pain.

Many people kill their pain with vodka but there’s another way it can take away aches. Simply pack a jar with lavender flowers, fill with vodka, put the lid on and let it sit in the sun for three days. Strain it then rub the liquid anywhere you have aches and pains. It really works!

Surprisingly, a bottle of vodka will spoil after one year. It is the purest drink on earth and was originally the preferred drink in Russia because it was one of the few that did not freeze during the harsh winters.